'Take Control of what gets run and when on your network'

ifficiency has 2 parts, a small program that installs on each PC in seconds and a web based control panel where policies, reports and alerts can be set up.

The organisation's computer usage policy is maintained via the web control panel. Think of the policy as the 'rules' that say what activities can be used during working hours etc.

ifficiency uses an intelligent central database that gets updated every day to distinguish between activities that are work related and those which are time wasting.

The PC part of ifficiency regularly sends reports via the cloud to the web based control panel which allows managers and HR to see the productivity performance (and more) of all employees.

ifficiency can be used in blocking mode or just reporting mode to suit the management style and culture of your workplace.

In addition to having reports emailed automatically, Productivity stats and usage audit trails van be viewed on-line using the web control panel.