'Take Control of what gets run and when on your network'

DSN Marketing is an advertising and marketing company based in Horsham, West Sussex. They were looking for software that would enable them to eliminate time wasting and provide management reports The management decided to configure ifficiency’s flexible reporting module to email employee productivity stats on a daily basis (They could have opted just to receive reports when key performance thresholds were not reached ).

Prior to the adoption of ifficiency, DSN Marketing had been operating their network in Total lockdown using the openDNS system and this situation had been causing the employees to complain as they were not able to use facebook, personal email etc activities during their own time at work. ifficiency solved this dilemma easily with it’s facility to open up the network during specified times such as their defined lunch hour. Employees can now undertake non-work related activities during lunch and management are happy that these programs and web sites cannot be used during the core working hours.

Testimonial from Tony Hogben , managing director of DSN Marketing

I run a small advertising and marketing company. I am often out of the office on business and have a young workforce. I do not have the time to “police” internet usage. Having a small office means that staff often take lunch breaks at their desks. Last year I dismissed two members of staff for wasting large amounts of time on Facebook and other non-business related web sites.

The ifficiency software allows me to block non business related web sites during working hours, however allows my team to view Facebook, youtube and personal emails at lunch time. I mainly wanted the software to put a stop to time wasting web sites, however I have discovered other benefits including a productivity report that is emailed to me each day, being out of the office each day its great to see what time you team started work and finished work and how long they have spent on non-work related tasks.